Baldur's Gate Enhanced now on Steam, but 'very basic'

Some fans seeking to try the Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition were a bit miffed when the game originally launched only through publisher Beamdog and not on Steam. Well, the fans got their wish yesterday, but the version apparently isn't up to par with the current game.

"Atari did the integration for BGEE on Steam, so it is a very basic setup. We were not involved," Beamdog Creative Director Trent Oster tweeted, adding that the Steam version will not support cloud saves.

Some fans felt that those who had purchased the game early were being "screwed" now that the game had Steam support, but Oster emphasized that the Steam version was inferior. "I disagree. You get the game early and you get updates instantly. Steam version is currently 2011." He said revisions have been submitted to Atari for the Steam version, but he said updates would be delayed.

We were quite happy with what we played when it came out in November.