Guild Wars 2 developer lays out 2013 plans

Guild Wars 2 got off to a healthy start last year, but as we begin 2013 the team is looking ahead. ArenaNet has detailed some plans for the upcoming year, including ambitious additions to Guilds, PvP, and rewards.

A lengthy blog post details the game's upcoming plans. ArenaNet says it's learned how to create better storylines from recent events, and wants to put those plans into action. Namely, it says it will offer players better incentive to explore new areas, which will foster socialization. These incentives will include daily achievements to earn tokens for rewards, more reward types similar to the recent Ascended and Infusion types, titles, medals, and unique skins.

Other plans include new guild quests with rewards, an overhaul to the PvP and its rewards system, redesigned boss encounters, new types of achievements, new security measures, a better introductory experience, and various other fixes.

One thing you won't see is another tier between Ascended and Legendary, after the team faced complaints from the last shake-up. If another tier comes, it won't be this year. "Our goal will be to use our existing reward systems and build new ones that are fun and exciting that step away from the stale gear grind reward systems you see elsewhere."