'Free Bundle' highlights unknown indies

Independent games are coming batched in "humble" and "royale" flavors lately, but even the indies in those sets have earned a certain level of notoriety. A new bundle seeks to highlight indie games that are so indie you may not have even heard of them yet, allowing you to be the "I played it before it was cool" hipster when they show up in more popular bundles. Plus, it's free.

The Free Bundle (via Escapist) is currently offering Nitronic Rush, Ascension, Celestial Mechanica, Imscared, Abobo Big's Adventure, and Treasure Adventure Game. The site itself doesn't accept donations, but encourages players to give some money to developers if they enjoy a game. It's also accepting tips -- as in words of advice, not money -- on games to include in future bundles.

"We want to give REAL indie developers a chance to show their work," the site states. "Most of us work so much through the year we usually miss these beautiful, incredible well made games, they fly under our radar for several reasons! Well, not anymore."