Dust 514 open beta launches next week

Now that Dust 514 is all snuggled up alongside EVE Online on one single server, the PlayStation 3-exclusive MMOFPS is almost ready to let everyone in. After six months of a closed beta which players could pay their way into, it'll enter open beta on January 22, so all and sundry can became pawns in someone else's cross-game scheming.

Developer CCP plans no more data wipes, so existing beta characters will keep all their stuff and new players can start building corporations and making names for themselves. Dust players are able to accept mercenary contracts from EVE players, helping the chaps up in space secure control of areas by running, driving, flying and shooting men down on planets.

If you can't wait that long, you may have a problem but can still hit up the PlayStation Store to buy the $20 Mercenary Pack, which offers instant beta access and $50 of in-game doodads.