Dead Rising 2 developer hiring for game with 'no zombies'

Capcom Vancouver, the studio behind Dead Rising 2 and its various spin-offs, is hiring for what it calls Capcom's "next big game." This comes just after we spotted "Dead Rising 3" on an animator resume, but Vancouver may not be working on the sequel.

The page teasing the new game explicitly says "No Zombies," and suggests that the new project will avoid touching any of Capcom's legacy properties. Either the Vancouver studio is being cheeky about Dead Rising 3, or it's moving on to a brand new franchise. That would put DR3 in the hands of another studio at Capcom, assuming the previous rumors are correct.

The available positions include upper ranks, like senior producer and design director, along with engineering positions. That makes sense, because the new game is said to be just starting and the positions are only half-filled.