Skylanders franchise reaches $500 million in sales

Activision has another money-maker, just in case that "Call of Duty" thing stops working for them. The publisher has announced that one of its other tentpole franchises has surpassed half a billion dollars of sales in the US. Including sales of accessory packs and figures, the two Skylanders games have generated over $500 million. According to Activision, that means Skylanders makes more money than Star Wars toys.

It should be unsurprising that Skylanders has been such a money-maker for Activision, given that the game retails for over $70, and additional Skylanders figures can go for $35. (And you thought Call of Duty DLC was expensive?)

Of course, given the franchise's success, don't expect the monolithic publisher to slow down its expansion of Skylanders any time soon. The franchise is now licensed to more than 120 licensees worldwide, so you can expect branded plushies, party goods, board games, bed and bath products, and more.

"We believe that Skylanders is one of the most innovative and exciting toy properties to hit the market and are thrilled to continue our strong support of the brand," Toys R Us' Richard Barry said in a press release. So, how much do you want to bet that there will be yet another Skylanders game this year?