World of Warcraft Pandaria patch to add quest hub, large raid dungeon

Blizzard is preparing 2013's first major patch to World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, and has issued a change-log for players to pick over. While the patch includes the usual bug fixes and balance changes, the most striking additions come in the form of a brand new raid dungeon and a daily quest hub.

The notes detail the "Isle of the Thunder King" hub, which will let players unlock daily quests and special events, assault the Lei Shen stronghold, earn reputation rewards among the factions, and an unlock the "Lightning Forge." Both Alliance and Horde can participate in the new hub, and pick quests that are PvE- or PvP-focused.

Those seeking to put those new skills to good use will have a raid dungeon, the Throne of Thunder, with a dozen new raid encounters. If you defeat Lei Shen in Heroic Mode you can earn an additional raid to boot. It will also add two more world bosses, some new pets, and tweaks to the Pet Battles system.

Blizzard didn't mention an exact date for the patch, but says to watch for it in January.