Slender: The Arrival trailer teases slim scares

Boo! Oh goodness, whatever could that frightful creature be? It's pale and dressed in black like a dracula, but tall like a frankenstein! Why, it must be a Slender Man, them fellas off the Internet with the supernatural power to make teenage boys squeal into their webcams. Whilst we were all rolling around drunk on brandy, a trailer for Slender: The Arrival surfaced, teasing the horrors you'll flee from.

Slender: The Arrival is made by Parsec Productions, creator of the first big Slender Man game Slender: The Eight pages, with Blue Isle Studios and the folks behind mythos-expanding web series Marble Hornets. Like any Slender 'em up, you'll be wandering through spooky areas, trying not to invoke the wrath of the big fella who makes cameras go wonky. The Arrival will include Marble Hornets elements like funny little Slender minions too.

It's far from the only Slender 'em up in the works, mind. Various folks are working on mobile games, spin-offs, and inspired-bys, including Slender Man's Shadow and HL2 mod Faceless.

Slender: The Arrival is due on PC in "early 2013." Hit the official site for more information.

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