Company of Heroes 2 screenshots reveal DirectX 11 features

Got yourself a big shiny DirectX 11 video card, have you, but furious that few games seem to do much with it? You'll be pleased to hear that Company of Heroes 2 dabbles in DX11 for a few shiny effects, then, shown off by publisher THQ in a trio of new screenshots from Relic's RTS. "Company of Heroes 2 has full DirectX 11 support!" a post on the CoH 2 Facebook page excitedly exclaims. "Essence Engine 3 has full support of DX11 hardware tessellation. What that means is groundbreaking graphics in CoH2, including snow that has true deforming depth when units walk or roll over it." Company of Heroes 2 is due on PC in early 2013 but given THQ's financial woes, who knows what'll happen? Work goes on, though. Check out our recent multiplayer preview to see how things are shaping up. Now, examine every pixel of these three new DX11 screens for evidence:

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