Bully, Red Dead Revolver re-release coming to PS3

A slew of Rockstar Games will be joining the PS2 Classics line-up on the PlayStation Network. Perhaps the most noteworthy release of all: Bully, the classic open-world boarding school game from Rockstar Vancouver. The title recently received an updated ESRB rating for PS3, and will likely arrived untouched--much like the PSN re-releases of the GTA games.

Other entries discovered by PSN Stores include Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, a PSP spinoff set in Vice City that later found its way back onto PS2. Midnight Clubs 1, 2, and 3 are all scheduled to appear on PSN, as well. Finally, Red Dead Revolver is also making its way onto PS3, and while it serves as Red Dead Redemption's predecessor, it's partial development by Capcom makes it quite a different experience.