Dead Space 3 considered swearing bonuses, scare-photos for Kinect

Visceral Games is taking advantage of Kinect in Dead Space 3 in a rather predictable fashion: you can call out to your AI or human-controlled companion to share health packs, revive each other, and various other voice-controlled commands. It's pretty standard, but Visceral was originally considering some more unique ideas.

"We thought about having an achievement or bonusing you for swearing," executive producer Steve Papoutsis told PWNED. "Another thing that I was kind of asking for, seeing if we could do, was you know if you ever go to an amusement park, and you're going down the roller coaster, having the Kinect take a picture of you at a very scary moment. Those are some of the things that we talked about doing, but that wasn't something that we wound up actually having."

Our loss. We could have had a lot of fun earning four-letter achievements and having embarrassing Kinect photos of our terrified faces as we sit on the couch in our underwear. For more details on the features not left on the cutting room floor, check out our preview.