Late Night Computing: December 17, 2012

Hello, minions! Did you know Christmas is next week? Here's Late Night Computing for December 17, 2012.

Travelling is pretty much out of the picture for me, so I rely on gaming to see the sights of the world. The place I've always wanted to go the most? The tropics. Far Cry 3 stepped in to take me there over the weekend. The world is absolutely gorgeous, even on my lowly Xbox 360. Hush PC master race, the download would take forever on my shared ADSL connection. I've spent more time cruising around the island, reveling in breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, than I actually have progressing the story, which is a might tacky for my taste.

News bits:

  • A thought-controlled robotic prosthetic helps a paralyzed woman to overcome her disability in a new study. Inspector Gadget plots his return. [via BBC]

  • The day Joe Biden helped every American e-mail privately. No, I won't take off my tin-foil hat. [via Wired]

  • Here's the full official trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness. Can it be May already? Please? [via Youtube]

  • Celebrate seven years of ArmA II operations with Dslyecxi and ShackTac with their new review of 2012. Great job, guys! [via ShackTac]

  • Nielsen will begin to monitor Twitter for insights into what consumers are watching on television. #livinginthefuture [via Nielsen]

Chatty posts of the moment.

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  • "What was your favorite "failed console or handheld"? It could even be an addon like the Sega CD and Sega 32X. I never owned a Dreamcast so alas I cannot choose it, but I did own a Turbografx and that thing was amazing. At the time I was pretty obsessed with SHMUPs and the Turbografx did not disappoint! Bonk was cool too, I guess." [by The Grolar Bear]

  • "Forza Horizon. What difficulty are you guys using for the AI ? Just go tthe game and I set the opponent AI to HARD. Got my first yellow bracelet and I'm having a real hard time finishing above 4th. In fact 4th place is the best I've done in any of the opening 3 races w/ my Subaru STI. " [by Skoal^Fyfan]

Nightly file.

  • Street Fighter X Mega Man free game 1.0. Having fought countless robot masters over the years, Mega Man is ready to lay back, relax and enjoy his 25th Anniversary. Getting wind of this, Ryu and his fellow Street Fighters want one last battle before they let their own anniversary finish. Charge up your mega busters and stretch out your lightning legs, this is Street Fighter X Mega Man! Download the game here.


Tomb Raider guide to survival 1 trailer:

Learn more about the Basecamp system Lara will use to upgrade her skills and equipment in the new Tomb Raider.

BOOM video 14402

We also have a new Rally pack launch trailer for Forza Horizon, the launch trailer for AM2 Fighting Games, and a launch trailer for the Zero Dark Thirty Medal of Honor: Warfighter map pack.

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