Co-op sim Artemis: Spaceship Bridge Simulator beams down iOS edition

Artermis: Spaceship Bridge Simulator is a wonderful idea, a co-op starship sim where each player mans a different station on the bridge using their own PC, but getting everyone together in one room for the full experience would never be too easy. Delightfully, you can now easily pull a motley crew together almost anywhere, as creator Thom Robertson has released an iOS edition with cross-platform play.

The iOS edition is available now from the iTunes App Store for $2.99. With cross-platform play, you can supplement your bridge with iDoodads, with touchscreens adding a nice authentic Star Trek edge, or or do it all on iOS. It's a mite cheaper than the PC edition, which costs $40 from the official site, though you do only need to buy that once to cover every PC on the bridge.

Artermis does support online multiplayer too but, honestly, don't you want to be in the same room with your shipmates as you yell "She cannae take any more, cap'n"? Look, an old fan video: