Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams jumping to XBLA

The Great Giana Sisters got their start in video games in a cheeky Super Mario Bros. clone that was pulled from shelves after threats by Nintendo, but are starting to make it big in their own right. Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams recently launched with a crowd-funded helping hand from Kickstarter, and now it's leaping towards Xbox Live Arcade.

Publisher bitComposer announced today that it'll bring Twisted Dreams to XBLA in spring 2013. Black Forest Games' downloadable PC edition of Twisted Dreams launched in October to solid reviews, and evidently caught bitComposer's eye. On top of the Xbox Live Arcade Edition, the publisher plans a PC retail release.

The Kickstarter did mention plans for an XBLA edition so it's not wholly surprising, but planning and securing are quite different. bitComposer made no mention in today's announcement of the PSN version Black Forest had also planned, so that may still be up in the air.

Twisted Dreams is a zippy platformer where you can switch between Giana's light and dark sides with a button press, accessing different powers and changing the world around you to avoid obstacles and solve puzzles and all that. Have a gander at how it works in the PC launch trailer: