Epic Games president Mike Capps retiring

Epic Games president Mike Capps has announced his retirement, continuing a streak of high-profile departures from the studio responsible for the Unreal engine and the Gears of War franchise. Production director Rod Fergusson left in August to join BioShock Infinite developer Irrational Games, while Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski left two months ago to begin his "next stage of his career."

Capps is ending a ten year run at Epic, transitioning into "an advisory role" while remaining on the Epic board of directors.

Speaking on the company's official website (via Polygon), he says that he currently plans on being "a stay at home dad for a while," and may get into teaching, creative writing, and spend more time with charities. His sentiments seem to echo those of the BioWare's co-founders, who both retired from the industry in September.

While some may view the exodus from Epic Games as a sign of things to come, Capps points out that he is "truly excited about our future games and Unreal Engine 4."