Side-scrolling roguelike Red Rogue released for free

Hip, cool, and jolly nice free roguelike Red Rogue is now available for your dungeon-crawling delight. It's been making waves in certain indie circles for a while, if you've had your ear to the ground, but is only now finished in all its open-source glory. Go, play.

Creator Aaron Steed describes it as an "unofficial sequel" to the classic Rogue. "It wasn't originally, I just wanted to make my own role-playing-game and put all the sorts of things I like in there. Especially if everyone else hated them," he said. "Then the minion stopped being an optional companion and I started to think about the relationship between the heroine and her side-kick..."

It's really nice. You should play it. Then donate a little money, out the goodness of your heart.

You can download Red Rogue from the official site in Windows, Mac, Linux, and straight SWF flavours, or even go wild and compile the source yourself.