PlaneScape: Torment spiritual successor in the works

A PlaneScape: Torment successor appears to be in pre-production at InXile Entertainment, minus the PlaneScape name. Black Isle alum Colin McComb is taking the helm of the project with the blessing of original lead designer Chris Avellone.

According to Eurogamer, McComb, who wrote the original Torment script with Avellone, said the two had talked in-depth about a spiritual successor to the game after discussions with Wizards of the Coast for the PlaneScape name did not yield any progress. With Avellone entrenched in Obsidian Entertainment's Project Eternity, McComb said he got Avellone's blessing to proceed with a Torment-type game.

InXile is currently working on Wasteland 2, but McComb said his part of the project is pretty much complete, allowing him to start thinking of a Torment story line. He said the project is very early in pre-production and he is still assembling a team. He offered a quick "no comment" when asked if the project could end up on Kickstarter.

The Torment name has already been trademarked by Roxy Friday, according to RPG Codex, which has InXile's Brian Fargo listed as an officer. Fargo later responded "There are many other pieces to the pie on this project that I can't speak to yet which prevents me from much comment. I need to get the other elements in order so you can fully understand the detail, team, approach and reasoning first. There will lots of pleasant surprises but I had not planned on talking about it yet."