The Cave trailer: a monk, a hillbilly, and a scientist walk into a cave...

Ron Gilbert's sending a curious selection of characters down into The Cave, including a hillbilly, scientist, and creepy orphans. When you're the creator of Monkey Island, people let you run with ideas. A new trailer shows off a few of those eclectic explorers and their motivations for entering.

Each spelunker has their own motivations for going on, with their own goal to accomplish. You'll pick three of the seven characters before venturing, using their special skills together to solve puzzles so they can all come away satisfied. It's a platform-o-adventure game, see.

Our Jeff was jolly pleased when he saw The Cave at E3, because it seems to be a nice video game. It's tunnelling out of Double Fine Productions in January 2013, emerging on PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U. Unexpectedly, and terrifyingly, that's only next month.

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