The Walking Dead: Assault is an episodic iOS game

Just in case Telltale's episodic adventure hasn't quite sated your appetite for The Walking Dead, yet another episodic game has hit the iOS App Store. The Walking Dead: Assault is a more shooty approach at the series, teaming up four players against an onslaught from the undead.

Unlike Telltale's series, Skybound's adventure follows events directly lifted from the comic book. Episode one begins from the moment Rick awakens in the hospital, through Atlanta, and ends with the first major camp invasion. Along the way, you'll be able to control Glenn, Shane, Carl, Andrea, Lori, and others.

Future episodes will recreate other key moments of the series, and will introduce Michonne, Tyreese, the Governor, and more. The first episode is available for $1.99, but will go back to $2.99 after the "introductory" period is done.