Final Fantasy goes free-to-play with Airborne Brigade

Final Fantasy is finally going free-to-play. Final Fantasy: Airborne Brigade is Square Enix's first English-language F2P social game based on the iconic JRPG franchise.

Unsurprisingly, the game was quite the success when it released in Japan, with more than three million registered users across the Pacific. That tally will only go up when the game hits Android and iOS later this year.

Airborne Brigade mashes the gameplay of earlier Final Fantasy games with the art style of Theatrhythm. Players control airships and form brigades to fight bosses, gaining XP and levels along the way. Throughout the adventure, you'll encounter characters, enemies, and abilities from across the Final Fantasy universe.

Pre-registering for the game will grant access to a Cloud card. By summoning the spiky-haired hero, you'll get some help in the game's boss battles.