Double Fine Amnesia Weekend bundle adds bonus prototype

Do you fancy playing the prototype of a four-player co-op mythological kill 'em up in development at Double Fine? If you do, and you probably do, you can get it by opening your wallet for the studio's latest Amnesia Fortnight experiment, which has turned its regular prototyping process public for we plebs to vote on. Everyone who previously bought the bundle has already received this new addition.

The prototype for Brazen pits bands of hardy adventurers against colossal mythological monsters, inspired by classic movies like Clash of the Titans and Jason and the Argonauts. Three classes are on hand for you to mutilate monsters as you please.

Double Fine's Amnesia Weekends have previously been closed process, with the whole studio forming small teams to dream up grand ideas then choosing a few to make into full games, like Costume Quest, Stacking, and Iron Brigade. This time, it's letting you lay down as much or as little money as you please to vote on which prototypes get made. As well as getting to play those finished prototypes, you'll get a few older ones too--now including Brazen if you beat the average price. Head on over to Humble Bundle, which is running it, if you want in.

Look at how brazen Iron Brigade project lead Brad Muir is in talking about the game: