Strike Suit Zero blasts from Kickstarter to PC in January

Another Kickstarted game is preparing to transition from the nebulous crowd-funding world of wishes and dreams to gleaming reality, as developer Born Ready Games has announced its Strike Suit Zero will launch for PC on January 24, 2013. As for what that dream is, one word: robot-space-ship-mecha-transforming-thingamajig.

Yes, you'll take to space in a transforming mecha for zap-pew dogfighting action to save Earth. A branching campaign is touted, so think twice before whirring up your mega-robot-guns. Go, hit the official site for more information.

Strike Suit Zero started out life at All Zombies Must Die! developer Doublesix in 2011 before the team warped to new studio Born Ready. Talent enlisted to help out includes mecha designer Junji Okubo and Homeworld soundtrack maestro Paul Ruskay.

Born Ready sought $100,000 on Kickstarter to finish the game and ended up with $174,804, a sum which means the studio has committed to releasing mod tools too.

Console versions are planned for later in 2013. Look, a video developer diary from July: