Get to the chopper in free Primal Carnage DLC

"Get to the chopper!" More than a hilarious reference to the movie Predator for one to yell at any opportunity, it's also a new mode coming to dinosaur vs. human multiplayer shooter Primal Carnage as free DLC. As you may guess, the mode involves journeying to a helicopter, but unfortunately an awful lot of dinos are along the way.

The objective-based mode will have its own new map, with a nice long linear path for the human team to casually stroll down on the way to their transportation. Obviously, the dinosaur team would rather they not miss dinner. A bit like standard Left 4 Dead multiplayer, you know.

Developer Lukewarm is also working on a alternate skin packs, starting with one for the dinosaurs. That's due to arrive in December, as is the 'Get to the Chopper' DLC.

"Gamers are hungry for more content and today we reveal not only these character skin updates, but also 'Get to the Chopper', the first of several additional game modes that will be offered absolutely free to our players. Primal Carnage and its community are looking forward to solidifying our foothold as a stellar multiplayer experience unlike anything else on the market," lead designer Ashton Anderson said in the announcement.