The Secret World trailer shows off acting in plays

Funcom has prided itself on deviating somewhat from the standard MMORPG mould in The Secret World, and the fourth update--the "biggest update yet," so it says--demonstrates that fairly nicely. Along with a new 10-person raid set across New York City, Issue #4 will add a theatre you can hire to put on your own plays for people to come and see, a new video demonstrates. All right, that's pretty unexpected for an MMORPG.

Players will be able to hire The Albion Theatre in London to stage plays, arranging sets, putting in props and lighting, then performing for an audience of players. It's a fascinating progression of performing in MMOs, going beyond the simple text chat and emote animations most offer.

Going live later this month, the update will also bring more conventional updates. On top of the NYC raid, it brings a new chainsaw weapon, "massive PvP enhancements" particularly to the Fusang warzone, and the option to aim directly at targets with your mouse.

The Secret World creator Ragnar Tørnquist is now working on Dreamfall Chapters, a third game in the Longest Journey series, though he's still game director of TSW.

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