Bethesda promises new Skyrim content for PC, PS3

The PlayStation 3 has gone a long while without an update for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The PC version has had a little more content, but only slightly. Bethesda claims that both platforms will be getting new content soon, though, presumably in the form of already-released downloadable content packs.

A tweet from Bethesda Game Studios (via Eurogamer) promises that it is "close on new Skyrim content for PS3 and PC." The message didn't give details on what form that content will take, but it gives PS3 players some hope that it has ironed out the strange technical issues that have kept the Dawnguard DLC from hitting the system.

Both Dawnguard and the more recent Hearthfire have both been released on PC. The Dragonborn content has been announced to hit Xbox 360 on December 4, but without mention of other platforms. It's worth noting that the Xbox 360 exclusivity deal only covered the first two packs. Between that and the tweet, we could see Dragonborn hit PC simultaneously, or at least sometime closer than the last two that had to wait at least 30 days.