Late Night Computing: November 5, 2012

Get ready for one last parade of political advertisements tomorrow with Late Night Computing for November 5, 2012.

After last week's rage-inducing mission sequence in XCOM: Enemy Unknown, I'm taking a bit of a rest from the game to catch up on a bit of my backlog. Assassin's Creed came out when I was under quite a bit of academic pressure in university, causing me to miss basically the entire series. Time to change that. I started the first game over the weekend. So far, so good! Maybe I can finally eliminate these games from my huge backlog.

News bits:

  • Get up to date information on the issues, polling times and places, along with a ton of pertinent information to prepare yourself for tomorrow's vote. [via Digital Trends]

  • Explore the numerous paths tomorrow's presidential election winner must take to win the White House in this interactive infographic. [via New York Times]

  • Have you ever wondered why you can't vote over the Internet tomorrow? MIT Technology Review explores the many reasons why. [via MIT Technology Review]

  • Chris Roberts discusses the upcoming Star Citizen and the reasoning behind his ambitious hardware requirements. [via Ars Technica Gaming]

  • Examine twenty-five years of the Final Fantasy series with Digital Spy. [via Digital Spy]

Chatty posts of the moment.

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  • "Am I the only one excited for Halo 4 around here? I've missed Halo after playing all these military shooters lately. Should be fun to throw stickies again!" [by pun][sher]

  • "Guys, Extreme Road Trip 2 was downloaded 1 million times since Thursday. We're top 25 grossing in the US. Holy [crap]!" [by barichnikov]

Nightly file.

  • War for the Overworld tech demo 170. "War for the Overworld is a real time strategy 'God game' that includes FPS and RPG elements. This game is set in a medieval fantasy world, where forces of goodness oppose the evil underground keepers. The game places the player in control of a dungeon, where he should use his workers to dig out the terrain and build a dungeon while attracting creatures to it. The player has limited control over the units, with most of the behavior being indirect. Creatures’ behavior is based on their own thoughts and the creature type. Everything in this build is pre-alpha and not representative of the final game. Most of it will probably be quite broken." Download the tech demo for Windows.


MechWarrior Online open beta trailer:

Throttle up, pilot, we've got enemy mechs closing on our position. MechWarrior Online is looking for fresh faces.

BOOM video 14169

Also new to the media arena today is a space combat developer diary for Humans Must Answer, and new screenshots and a developer diary for Rise of the Triad.

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