When Vikings Attack! coming to PSN Tuesday

The multiplayer PlayStation 3 and Vita game When Vikings Attack! is set for release next Tuesday, November 6. It's a cross-buy and cross-play title, so one purchase gets you both versions and you can play against anyone regardless of platform.

The PlayStation Blog announced the date, and a comment confirmed the price will come in at $9.99. The post also shared ten tidbits of info about the game, like its "enhanced" credits sequence being among the longest in games. They claim the longest ever, but we're skeptical.

The game has you controlling a mob and picking up items like trash cans and couches to throw at the other mob, all the while absorbing new members so you can pick up and fling larger objects. Think Katamari meets dodgeball. You can start flinging on election day, when we'll all need to vent some frustrations.