When Vikings Attack coming to PS3 and Vita, with cross-play

One of the novel benefits the PlayStation Network offers over its competitors is the ability to purchase and play content across multiple devices. Sony has already offered a number of games that work across both PS3 and Vita, and today the publisher has announced yet another addition: a cute multiplayer action game called When Vikings Attack.

As with MotorStorm RC, a single PSN purchase will unlock both versions of the game. And, as with Wipeout, players can play against each other, regardless of what platform they're on.


When Vikings Attack is essentially an enhanced version of dodgeball. The main mechanic involves hurling objects at other players to defeat them. The twist, however, is that you're not controlling a single character. Instead, you're controlling a mob. The mob can pick up an assortment of objects from the environment, such as trash cans and sofas. In addition, there are passersby that you can absorb into your mob. As your mob grows in size, you'll be able to pick up larger and larger objects to throw at foes--but you'll also move much slower, making it easier for other mobs to attack you.

Thanks to its colorful art style and a few interesting twists, this simple game is actually quite fun to play. For example, the stages pose unique dangers to the mobs. One level takes place in the middle of a bustling intersection, as cars run over crowds. You can throw things at the traffic switches, however, to cause a sudden rush of cars to run over your enemies.

The novelty factor of pitting a Vita player against PS3 player still hasn't diminished--and both versions ran great at a recent preview event. When Vikings Attack supports up to four players in any combination: three players on PS3, one on Vita, two on each, etc. While it's unlikely to keep the attention of players for too long, if it's priced right, this could certainly make for an interesting short-lived diversion.

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