American Express offers free credit for Xbox Live members

Have an American Express card and an Xbox 360 system? Listen up, as you'll be able to get a free $10 statement credit just for signing up, and get $75 more just for playing Halo 4.

American Express has just introduced Sync for Xbox 360, letting you tie your American Express card to your Live Gamertag. First, sign your card up, then use the code on your Dashboard to get access to a variety of Xbox-exclusive deals.

From now until December 31, you'll be able to get a $10 statement credit just by linking your two accounts. You'll also get a $5 rebate if you spend at least $10 at AMC Theaters and $25 back for spending $50 at Pacsun by loading these offers to your card.

Halo 4 players will definitely want to take advantage of this offer, as you'll get significant rewards for unlocking specific achievements within the game. For example, get the "Wake Up, John" achievement by simply beating the campaign on Normal and you'll get a $25 credit. Get the "Operation Completion" achievement by beating a Spartan Ops mission, and you'll get a $50 rebate from Best Buy when you spend $100 or more.

The first 25 synced Cardmembers to get the "Lone Wolf Legend" achievement for beating the campaign on Legendary will get a free trip to E3. So, yeah. Sync that card, American Express members.