ShootMania Storm blasting out in January 2013

As you once again vow to start going to the gym after New Year, you may want to consider designing a routine to strengthen and hasten your fingers. ShootMania Storm, Nadeo's callback to ye olde twitchy FPS with zippy movement, has been pegged for a January 23 launch by publisher Ubisoft, giving you a scant few weeks to get those meatsticks in shape.

Before then, the second phase of the closed beta will kick off in December. This'll add new moves, modes, team tools and more for people who've pre-ordered to get into the beta, but also the opportunity for we fiscally reserved people to start playing.

Players will be given invitations to hand out, welcoming their chums to play the 'Welcome Build' early, the limited version which offers two modes for free. The Welcome Build will be opened up to everyone forever when ShootMania launches, like the TrackMania series usually offers.

Look, a peek at things coming in the second beta:

BOOM video 14156