StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm clans detailed

Gangs are cool, we all know. Little in life is more enjoyable than getting together with your chums, slapping yourselves with tags and symbols, then performing acts of unspeakable violence. When StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm launches, you'll be able to form the video game equivalent, clans, and show the world just how rough, tough and ready The Warriors are. Or Th3 Warri0rz, if someone else takes that name. Clan support was announced a while back but details were scant. Now that they're going live in the closed beta's patch 2.0.1 this week, Blizzard has explained what exactly it'll add. Clans will get their own little corner of with a private chat channel, news updates, a roster, and a little info section to share voice chat server details, your own trivia quiz, or perhaps the recipe for your signature clan cocktail recipe. Members will be automatically tagged in-game with your tag, because it's important to rep. Players can be given ranks, which is always important to know who's in charge of hosing the blood away. Clans are limited to fifty members, though, so don't think you can make a big group for everyone you know in the world: you want your meanest mates who'll have your back when the heat is on. If you want to get together and hold hands and dance in circles, you'll want to create a group rather than a clan, a more vague gathering of people brought together for any common interest. Groups will come to the beta later and, like clans, will be available in Wings of Liberty too.

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