Hawken videofest details stompy robot shooting

As you may already know, free-to-play FPS Hawken is about big stompy robots and looks pretty. You may be content with that knowledge, but for those who wish to have more, developer Adhesive Games has put together a string of videos explaining buying customizing mechs, how combat works, and several of its modes.

Hawken's first closed beta test event began on Friday. You can sign up for a chance to get in, or watch it's social jazz for giveaways. Hit the official site for more. The game is slated to launch for PC on December 12.

Here's the first from the video flurry, introducing Hawken's mech garage:

BOOM video 14119

A quick overview of combat:

BOOM video 14120

Here's the control point-y Missile Assault mode:

BOOM video 14121

And Siege mode, where giant battleships bombard enemies, for you to defend and take down:

BOOM video 14122