New iOS Skylanders games to utilize portals

Activision has tried its hand at an iOS Skylanders game before, with Skylanders Cloud Patrol. But that game didn't take advantage of the franchise's unique physical figurines. That's set to change in November, with two new iOS titles that will use their own (optional) portal accessory.

For the mobile games, a new Bluetooth portal will be used instead of the USB model that comes with the console versions. Retailers will offer a starter pack for $49.99, which will include the portal, three figures, and a treasure chest with digital items and consumables. You can use any current and upcoming Skylanders or Giants figures in the iOS title.

According to Joystiq, Skylanders: Battlegrounds and Skylanders: Lost Islands will be the first games to use the portal. Cloud Patrol will get an update that will allow it to use the portal as well.

Battlegrounds is an action-RPG with a focus on arena combat, and uses the same engine as Skylanders Giants whereas Lost Islands is a free-to-play resource management game. It carries the standard social tropes of building structures and cool-down timers, but you can speed up the process with in-game gems that can be found or purchased for real money.