Free-to-play MMO Dragon's Prophet coming westward

Sure, we've got free-to-play fantasy MMORPGs coming out of our ears today, but how many of them let you fly dragons? Well, some. But how many let you capture, train, and then fly dragons? Dragon's Prophet will certainly let you become a dragonlord, and Sony Online Entertainment today announced it's bringing the MMO from Runes of Magic developer Runewaker to North America.

Dragon's Prophet boasts over 300 unique forms of the scaly beasts to catch, with SOE CEO John Smedley boasting it has "more dragons in the game than any other MMO." Lots of dragons, noted.

More excitingly, it also has player-built housing. Supposedly you're able to form towns, cities, and even empires. The guild system lets you form armies for your empire, which sounds interesting. Combat comes with auto-targeting and combos, which SOE says "gives players a higher degree of control with a wider range of tactical options than traditional MMOs."

SOE will run Dragon's Prophet as free-to-play with optional microtransactions, which it has yet to detail. Except the usual XP boosters and item shops, though. A beta test should kick off in "the next few months," which you can sign up for over on the official site.

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