REDkit launches in 2013, lets you mod The Witcher 2

You know what would be great? If there were more of The Witcher 2 to play. Thankfully, developer CD Projekt RED plans on giving fans the ability to create their own missions in The Witcher 2 with the release of REDkit.

The modding toolset lets you easily create new missions within the company's REDengine. It is currently in "closed beta," with over a hundred modding teams given early access to the tools. In addition, "these modders will assist in the development and perfection of the tools and the game engine itself."

REDkit will officially launch in early 2013. Not only will it allow creators to build new missions for The Witcher 2 using the "ready-made assets" of the original game, it will also be possible to modify the original game, which should open up some interesting new gameplay possibilities.

To show off the power of its REDkit tools, CD Projekt RED released this timelapse video showing how a mission is created. Apparently, this took only 23 minutes to build. See for yourself:

BOOM video 14048