Halo 4 trailer gives glimpse of Master Chief's origin

The much-anticipated "Scanned" trailer for Halo 4 debuted last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, giving a glimpse into the origins of Master Chief. It also makes it quite clear that Spartan 117 and the alien Prometheans aren't going to be getting along very well.

The two-minute-plus video, produced by David Fincher and directed by Tim Miller, shows Master Chief as a young boy named John. What happens after is a bit sketchy unless you've read the Halo books, but suffice it to say that John's indoctrination into the USNC's Spartan program wasn't voluntary, traditional, or without several trips to the doctor.

The trailer is a good blend of live-action and CGI, but instead of reading about it, just watch for yourself. Halo 4 is hitting Xbox 360 on November 6.

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