King's Bounty: Warriors of the North rides out October 26

Katuri's King's Bounty games have been a series of small evolutionary steps rather than anything revolutionary, but who can grumble when they offer such hexcellent turn-based tactical RPG fun? The latest, King's Bounty: Warriors of the North, will launch for PC on October 26, publisher 1C announced today. It was originally slated to launch in spring.

Warriors of the North adds a new Viking-tastic campaign said to take sixty hours, with new units, abilities, an army of valkyries at your beck and call, and all that jazz.

The regular edition will cost $29.99, while a 'Valhalla Edition' with a unique armour set and digital goodies will be $32.99. You can pre-order now from stores including Steam and GamersGate for $26.99, including a free upgrade to the Valhalla Edition. It's a Steamworks game, so it'll get on your Steam account either way.

See, Warriors in the North is a lot like a King's Bounty game, with some new stuff:

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