SingStar becoming a 'free download' soon

When SingStar launched on PlayStation 3 over four years ago, it seemed destined to become a platform for downloadable content. Oddly, in spite of having an extensive catalog of DLC, Sony has always restricted access to the in-game store for those that purchased a $40 retail game. The free SingStar Viewer opened the experience a bit more, but it didn't allow actual play, which rendered it moot for most.

It appears Sony is finally ready to take advantage of SingStar's "free-to-play" potential by making it a free downloadable app for the PlayStation Network.

As spotted by PSN Stores, the SingStar Viewer has been discontinued. Launching the app brings up this message: "Support for the SingStar Viewer has been discontinued. The complete SingStar experience will be available as a free download very soon!"

A tweet from SingStarHQ suggests that the full reveal will happen next week. Given the message teases the availability of the "complete" SingStar experience, we expect the app to let PS3 owners buy any music they want a la carte. And so long as SingStar becomes compatible with any USB or Bluetooth microphone, we expect a lot more people willing to dabble in the SingStar community.