Weekend Confirmed 134 - Dishonored, XCOM, Star Citizen

By Garnett Lee, Oct 12, 2012 11:00am PDT

Dishonored, XCOM Enemy Unknown, and some Retro City Rampage make up the veritable fruit salad of videogames devoured on this delicious Weekend Confirmed. Shacknews managing editor John Keefer joins Jeff and Garnett for the feast. They take their time enjoying it all, getting into the highlights from a trio of games that brought them plenty of delight while being careful to talk in terms that avoid spoiling anything. Of course Borderlands 2 still manages a cameo with the debut of the Mechromancer this week and its first DLC coming next week. And naturally the conversations include plenty of twists and turns, but we wouldn't want to spoil that either. All that, Finishing Moves, and the football tailgate make this one tasty episode.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 134: 10/12/2012

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  • Garnett there is a way in game in Borderlands 2 to level your new characters easily if you are playing on a console. Characters in your game regardless of level get appropriate exp to the level of the mob regardless of the level of the character in their party. You can tun on split screen start a new character and then go around with your main guy murdering things and they will level fast. Still can be a slog

    Second the final boss on the main difficulty is level 30 you guys should be done play through no. 1 by now unless you are combing the world for everything.

  • Some thoughts on XCOM reloading. In general, strategy games (and board games!) are games that the player can lose. That's one attribute that makes them different than other genres. You play through a game of Civilization and reach the 'end'... but you might not have won. Though you can reload in Civ it doesn't (usually) have enough of an impact that you can win any particular game of Civ you play.

    But in some games the ability to reload takes what would be a strategy game and turns it into a game that can no longer be lost. It'd be like reloading your turn in Settlers in Catan, silly. It turns it into a game you play 'through', like a shooter or rpg, and reach the end. You don't play through Assassin's Creed for 20 hours and then find out you 'lose' and start planning on making another 20 hour attempt. But this can totally happen in a game of Civ or XCOM.

    Reloading in XCOM is somewhere between Civ and Settlers in effect. It is possible to make bad strategyic layer decisions and still lose, but the ability to reload any battle that you don't win perfectly has a large effect and certainly on normal, likely makes the gane unloseable. At this point XCOM is a game you play 'through' rather than play to the end and either win or lose.

    So if you go into XCOM expect to finish it the way you would clear Arkam Asylumn or any gme, you should play with reloading. If you go into XCOM and approach it like a game of Civ of Chess -- something you might lose in the end -- Iron Man is the way to go!