Second Life studio releasing four games within a month

Linden Lab, the studio behind Second Life, is at work on several new projects, all scheduled to hit within the next month. Four games with an emphasis on user created content and unique tool kits are coming soon, all part of an effort to expand Linden's identity beyond the narrow focus of Second Life.

CEO Rod Humble says Second Life will still remain a big part of the company, but it won't be the sole emphasis. He showed off two of the four games to Giant Bomb: Patterns and Creatorverse.

Patterns is a Minecraft-inspired creation game, but relies on structural integrity and physics to make sure your buildings can remain up. You can choose from pre-made objects or create your own with materials you've harvested. Creatorverse is launching on iPad first, with a PC and Mac version to come sometime later. It has a creation engine similar to the LittleBigPlanet series, which Humble showed being used to make a functional car. Creatorverse creations can be uploaded into the Cloud to be played with and edited by other users, and on the PC/Mac version players will be able to charge for their creations.

The other two games, not on display, were Dio and Versu. Dio is a versatile room creator, and Versu is a storytelling tool-set. You can check out videos of Patterns and Creatorverse below.