Report: Human Head bleeding talent

Human Head Studios appears to be going through a fairly dramatic personnel shift, as reports indicate that the company has lost a significant amount of vital staff this year. The staff has either laid off or lost 13 members, which in a studio that boasted 50-70 at its peak is a pretty wide swath.

Kotaku reports that the studio has lost its COO, development director, HR manager, lead programmer, lead graphics programmer, an associate producer, an audio director, and various other programming positions.

This comes just months after news hit that Prey 2 had been delayed amid a contract dispute with Bethesda. The publisher still claims Prey 2 is coming out, but Human Head reportedly stopped working on it last year. Meanwhile, Human Head has started hinting at a Rune revival. But as the studio loses so much of its staff, it's hard to say where current projects might be in development now.