FIFA 13 breaks EA sales records; 4.5 million copies in five days

Electronic Arts announced today that FIFA Soccer 13 has sold more than 4.5 million copies worldwide in its first five days on the market. According to the publisher, that makes it the highest-selling game launch of the year.

Not surprisingly, it was the best-selling game in 40 countries. The UK snatched up the lion's share of the soccer love, with 1.23 million sold in the first 48 hours alone according to GfK Chart-Track estimates.

EA also boasts that it hosted the busiest day of online gaming in the company's history, at roughly 800,000 simultaneous players. It's hosted more than 66 million online games so far, for a total of about 600 million minutes. That's about a millennium of total playtime. Yes, the world certainly loves its high-octane, low-scoring action.