Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise comes off the naughty step in October

Poor Naughty Bear. All he wanted was to be friends with his fellow bears and join in their bearscapades, but they didn't like him and his video game was a bit rubbish. Everyone deserves a second chance, though, and his will come soon. Publisher 505 has announced that Behaviour Interactive's downloadable sequel Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise is coming to PlayStation 3 on October 9, then Xbox 360 the next day.

His second outing will offer 11 levels of teddy bear-slaughtering hijinks for $15 (1200 Microsoft Points). A whopping 12 DLC packs are in the pipeline for the first three months post-launch, including new costumes, weapons and kills inspired by classic Hollywood boogymen.

Here's a new trailer showing some a few of those iconic murderers and, er, Batbear:

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