Late Night Computing: September 27, 2012

Thursday evening beckons, but not before we let you out of here after reading Late Night Computing for September 27, 2012.

Finally! After having an episode of rage quit over Borderlands 2, I returned to my go-to game lately in FTL: Faster than Light. Although it's been a bit of a chore, since I keep coming up with brilliant ways to kill myself, I finally made it to the end successfully. I promptly gave each of my crew a promotion to captain after my virtual slaughter concluded.

Now, to unlock the rest of the ships.

News bits:

  • Have you played Telltale's The Walking Dead episodes and were upset you couldn't make a particular decision? Or just embarassed by your own thoughts? Post them to The Walking Dead Confessions. [via Tumblr]

  • How realistic can artificial intelligence be in a video game? Turns out, pretty intelligent, as bots pass the Turing test. [via Eureka Alert]

  • Get an indepth look at the impressive design of the Firefox operating system from MozCamp Warsaw. [via BGR News]

  • Google merges Trends and Insights, hopefully giving you a better idea what the world is currently infatuated with. [via CNet]

  • Our long national memory has ended, as the NFL and its referees reach an agreement. Never forget with this memorial video. [via Youtube]

Chatty posts of the moment.

Make sure you log-in and check your filters if you can't see the following:

  • "Let's make the most informative thread ever! Let's talk about the things we know and the things we want to know. I'll start with some stuff about other communities here on the internet. Please don't consider that as a guideline! I want to share everything you know, from politics to humor to technology and beyond!" [by ConfusedUs]

  • "I am going through this love/hate thing with Borderlands 2. I love the game, I have put a lot of hours into it mostly solo but I am having a lot of fun. I've done co-op too and that is a blast. I started off bored with the game, then once I hit Sanctuary and the game opened up a bit, I loved it. But this whole limited golden key code crap is starting to irritate me again." [by grendel]

Nightly file.

  • Complex 2.8.4 mod for Homeworld 2. "Complex is a free advanced game modification based on Relic Entertainment's Homeworld 2 game engine, free of any business directive, developed with passion and hard work, for experienced Homeworld players only. In a world of simplified games often under pressure to do well commercially, our challenge has been to create this ambitious project, for those who want more from a modern videogame." Download the free mod for Windows.


Halo 4 Promethean weaponry trailer:

Wreck havoc on the battlefield with extremely powerful Promethean technology in weaponized form.

BOOM video 13921

New trailers hit the media for Crosswords Plugs, an artsy trailer for Art Academy: Lessons for Everyone!, a developer diary featuring the wonderful world of shoes for NBA 2K13, and a location video for RaiderZ.

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