Late Night Computing: September 25, 2012

Oh hey, it's the end of September 25, 2012. Guess that means its time for another Late Night Computing session.

My night was filled with the howls of psychos echoing through the valleys of Borderlands 2, but I still haven't progressed very far. My save file says I've got around 10 hours in at level 13. Seems a bit low, right? Maybe I need to stop goofing about with the slots machine at Moxxi's and roaming the wasteland to actually progress the story a bit. And this, this is why open world games cause me to sigh rather deeply before diving in.

News bits:

  • Have you ever wondered why your Internet bill keeps climbing, or why Americans seem to pay more for less? Read this article to find out why. [via Daily Ticker]

  • Are cable television companies planning to stream high-end games hosted on remote servers to those with a subscription? [via Ars Technica]

  • Redbox aims to give Amazon and Netflix a bit more to compete with as they plan to launch their own video streaming service before this holiday season. [via Bloomberg]

  • Be afraid, be very afraid. A bacon shortage is almost guaranteed for next year. Someone put gmd on suicide watch. [via Wired]

  • Tired of asking other people to recommend a mobile game for you to play? Ask no more, and refer to the GameGenomeProject, which plans to help you discover games based on your answer to simple questions. [via Techcrunch]

Chatty posts of the moment.

Make sure you log-in and check your filters if you can't see the following:

  • "I'm thinking of playing through old NES/SNES games since there's a ton of games on both systems that I haven't played, and it would be nice to go back to simple 2D sprites and gameplay. I'm also going to stream it live so you guys can laugh at me as I play through the games for the first time. Any suggestion for a list of games that you consider a good game to play (or even challenging)? I have played through many NES/SNES games, but I'm curious to see what else I've missed. I'll probably try a Contra no-death run as a warm up, though it's been years since I've played it." [by DHAvatar]

  • "X-Com Demo Impressions. I'm not interested in talking about the X-Com: Enemy Unknown demo too much (it will ultimately dominate, and we have other stuff we want to talk about) when we record GAL #13, so instead I'll start a thread here. Feel free to chime in lower, but I'm posting my impressions IN REPLY. " [by MercFox1]

Nightly file.

  • Crash Time 5 demo 1.0. "Experience non-stop racing action and embark on a high-octane manhunt with thrilling car chases and lots of explosive missions! Get ready for a dangerous undercover operation and smash the criminal smuggling ring." Download the free demo for Windows.


Need for Speed Most Wanted Get Wanted trailer:

Drive any car you wish from the very beginning of the game as you become the most notorious criminal in the world of Fairhaven in Need for Speed Most Wanted.

BOOM video 13890

We also have a few other trailers to round out the day, including a control tweaks trailer for NBA 2K13, a 17-minute gameplay trailer for Dead Space 3, a new trailer for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist, the chaotic launch trailer for Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit!, the grim backstory trailer for Resident Evil 6 from the Tokyo Game Show 2012, a second open-world developer diary for Forza Horizon, an accolades trailer for The Walking Dead, along with new screenshots for Omerta - City of Gangsters and Argul's Tomb DLC screenshots for Darksiders II.

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