Animated Dishonored webisode looks at history of Dunwall

With the release of Dishonored exactly two weeks away, Bethesda continues to ramp up the publicity, this time with the first of a three-part animated webisode called Tales from Dunwall, focusing on the back story behind the game world.

Created by animation house Psyop and narrated by Kick Ass's Chloe Grace Montez, the story is entitled The Awakening and focuses on Edmund Roseburrow and how his innovation helped put the whaling world of Dunwall in the current state it was in.

Most of us don't need another reason to drop our hard-earned cash on the game when it comes out October 9 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, but if you want a bit more background on the setting for Dishonored, then you'll want to watch. We'll be sure to have the next two episodes when they are released.

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