Planetary Annihilation cleared for liftoff with $2.2 million

There was never any doubt that Planetary Annihilation would hit its Kickstarter goal. The only question was far how over the initial $900,000 it would go, and if it would hit its stretch goals after pledges slowed substantially when it hit its first target.

But in the end, Uber Entertainment can now celebrate after grabbing more than $2.23 million in crowd funding, not including the PayPal donations being accepted on the official site for the game. The company hit all of its stretch goals, fueled by the late announcement of plans for Galactic War single-player-style missions and the promise of a symphony orchestra to compose the soundtrack.

Uber has many developers who worked on Cavedog's Total Annihilation RTS, the game from which PA is taking many of its cues. Now that the game is funded, development begins in earnest, and Uber expects to fulfill its pledge promises by July 2013.