NeoGeo X also coming bundleless for $130

Though $200 for the NeoGeo X is a bargain compared to how much the original console cost, it's still pretty expensive for a handheld preloaded with 20 games that are two decades old. Fortunately, it turns out it'll also be sold separately, without the bundled joystick and docking station, for only $130.

The NeoGeo X has a 4.3" screen and comes preloaded with the likes of Metal Slug, King of the Monsters, Fatal Fury, and King of Fighters '95. Wired spotted the recently-updated official site also reveals it'll support two-player games if it's connected to a television through the docking station included in the Gold bundle, though you'll need to buy a second joystick separately.

Really, the handheld's a little Linux device running an emulator, but it still looks like a nice little bit of hardware--and that's a concept attractive in itself to many.

The NeoGeo X is slated to launch on December 6.