Double Fine's The Cave hitting Wii U too

Nintendo's downloadable offerings on the Wii, DSi, and 3DS have been a bit lacklustre, but at least one corker's in the bag for the Wii U. Ron Gilbert and Double Fine's platforming adventure game The Cave is coming to Nintendo's new console via the eShop, DF confirmed over the weekend at PAX Prime. Which is about all we know, really. DF producer casually dropped this fact-nugget during a demo, Joystiq reports. After our Jeff saw The Cave during E3, he wrote that it "presents a more modern and engaging take on adventure gaming and eliminates many of the genre's annoyances, while simultaneously keeping the core of what made them successful in the first place." Which is certainly encouraging. You get to pick several characters, who each have their own reasons to be poking around the eponymous hole, with different goals, obstacles and abilities. The PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 editions are due in early 2013, published by Sega, though who knows what'll happen on Wii U? Look, new screenshots from PAX Prime:

PAX me real good, Ronny