Dead Island Riptide revealed in first screenshots

The announcement of Dead Island Riptide at E3 was unusually terse, merely saying that such a game was being made for PC and consoles. How mysterious! Publisher Deep Silver has since realized it might need to show something of the game, and today released the FPS-RPG sequel's first screenshots and along with a few details. The five shots show our zombie-slaying heroes returning to pootle around in boats, mostly. A new, yet-unrevealed playable character will join the gang after their supposed escape at the end of Dead Island goes a bit pear-shaped. A tropical storm hits to flood the island of Palanai so you'll be hopping in boats to get around. Expect dynamic weather, new zombie mutations, and unspecified "new communications features" for co-op. The sequel also adds new "hub defense" missions, where you get to place traps, fences and turrets in an attempt to keep your flesh on your bones. Dead Island Riptide is scheduled for release on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2013. Hit the official site for more information. Developer Techland is also working on a "dark fantasy FPP hack'n'slash" codenamed Project Hell, which originally began life as a Dead Island experiment.

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